Solar LED Light

SEL 901H 10W


  • Villas, private houses and gardens
  • Residential roads
  • Car parking
  • Shopping streets and public parks
  • Small public places
  • Country and local roads


  • Hybrid-Solar LED Light powered by solar panel, battery and grid connected
  • Brand of LED chip: Philips
  • Luminous efficiency for luminaire: 160 lm/W
  • Safety of solar battery: Grade A Lithium iron phosphate
  • Lifespan of solar battery: 8 years
  • Solar controller: Intelligent management battery electricity
  • HD camera 960p / remote monitoring


  • Solar panel: Mono-crystalline silicon
  • Dimming: PIR sensor intelligent control
  • Beam angle: 120°
  • IP protection: IP65
  • Operating system: IOS, Android
  • High definition video: 960 P
  • TF card capacity: 16 GB


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Model SEL901H-10W
Power 10 W
Input voltage Powered by solar energy and grid
Brand of LED chip Philips
Luminous efficiency for LED chip 200 lm/W
Total luminous flux 1600 lm
Luminous efficiency for luminaire 160 lm/W
Beam angle 120°
Correlated color temperature 3000 K / 4000 K / 5000 K / 5700 K / 6000 K / 6500 K
Color rendering index 75 Ra
Life span of LED chip ≥ 100000 hrs
Type of solar battery Lithium iron phosphate
Capacity of battery 12.8 V 6 Ah
Lifespan of battery ≥ 3000 cycles
Charging time 6 hrs
PIR sensor Yes
Dimming of brightness of luminaire 20% (PIR not activated) / 100% (PIR activated)
Monocrystalline silicon solar panel 18 V 10 Wp
HD camera 960 P
TF card 16 GB
Camera operation time 24 hrs
Stored days of data ≥ 15 days
Angle of camera lens 120°
Video format AVI
Communication mode WiFi / Internet / GPRS / CDMA
Monitoring mode Remote online monitor / AP mode
Operating control mode APP of mobile phone / computer
Operating system of mobile IOS system / Android system
Material of shell Powder coated galvanized steel
Material of cover for LED PC
Working time per day 11 hrs
Average effective sunshine time 4 hrs/day
Continuous rainy days /
Working temperature -20~+55 °C
IP protection IP65
Dimensions 430*256*80 mm
Weight 4.2 kg
Installation ⌀40 steel tube / standing rod mounting (⌀40) / wall installation
Recommended mounting height 3–5 m


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