FAST ENERGY SUPPLY FOR Electric vehicles
EV chargers (electric vehicle charging stations) ensure electric energy supply for the recharging of plug-in electric vehicles, including electric cars and plug-in hybrids. The models are tailored for home and commercial use, providing also QR code/ RFID payment support and WiFi/APP/Ethernet monitoring.
The charging time depends on the battery capacity and the charging power. Therefore, Sunceco offers single phase and three phase AC chargers, as well as large capacity AC/DC combo chargers, with four outputs and shortest charging time.


Home use charger,  single output


Home or light commercial use charger, single output


Commercial use charger,  dual output


AC/DC combo charger, 4 outputs

Partner companies

If you’re interested in buying Sunceco EV chargers to charge vehicles of your employees, guests or customers, contact us for more details: evchargers@sunceco.com

Green energy

We encourage shaping the environment suitable for life by using renewable energy sources. If you want to charge your electric vehicles with green energy and connect your chargers with solar carport or any type of solar plant, let us know: info@sunceco.com