Terms of use

1. Account Information

The charging service is based on the use of the Sunceco EV chargers application. The data entered during registration, as well as those created by the use of the service, can be viewed at any time. By accessing the application, you will have access to your status, balance and use of the service (charging history). You can delete your account yourself or request that we do so for you, which will deactivate or delete your account, along with all information from active databases.

If you are a Partner Company, you could access information on the use of the service by your employees, clients or customers. In doing so, you may assign several roles with different administration rights.

2. Charging points

Each time you use the map on our app, our EV charging point locator will show you chargers nearby and their current availability. By using a map on the app or using the Start a Charge feature, we collect information about your current location.

The service is applicable for following devices:  Sunceco EV chargers. For charging, you need your own cable with a Type 2 connector. Fast charging stations have their own CCS cables. Charging speed may vary. It depends on the speed of the selected charger and the size of your car’s battery.

As a user, you are obliged to comply with the Terms of use, as well as traffic regulations and any rules specified at the charge point. Charging points should be used responsibly, with due care for the equipment. The EV chargers should be used exclusively for charging electric vehicles that are technically compatible with Sunceco EV chargers/connectors. The user is liable for any damage to the equipment, the costs incurred, and non-compliance with the Terms of use.

Sunceco is not responsible for the unavailability of the equipment or the delay in providing a charging service that is beyond our control.

In case of technical issues with the charging service, irregularities or malfunctions at the charging point, you may contact us by phone, email evchargers@sunceco.com or the contacts within the app.

3. Charging

Charging is a service of charging an electric vehicle with a certain amount of electrical energy.

Charging starts with connecting the car and logging in to the mobile application. To start charging, tap the QR code within the app and point it towards QR code on the charging point label. The charging session will start when the LED light turns blue. Alternatively, you can start charging by entering the 4 digit ID number and the LED light will turn blue.

Charging ends with ending a charging session within the mobile application. Charging also ends with the expiration of the scheduled time frame or charging to the defined battery capacity. The vehicle may be fully charged or according to a defined limit (in kWh or minutes/hours). To end charge, tap “end charging session” in the app and the LED light will turn green.

4. Payment

Charging prices at public charging stations are available to all service users. By selecting a location on a map, the user can see price information for each individual charging location. We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.

The application requires a valid credit or debit card or PayPal account. After each charge, the user receives an invoice by e-mail. Every month, the user receives Monthly Summary Receipt.

5. Security and privacy

By accessing our services, you accept our Terms of use.

In the registration process on our application, you entrust us with the following information: email address, account access password, payment method and, optionally: name, phone number, country, city, postal code and address.

Your personal data is used in accordance with our personal data protection policy. We retain your information for the duration of your contract with us, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. For more info, check Sunceco Privacy policy.

Payment information is collected and stored by our payment processor Rapyd. For the information on their privacy policy and measures they take to protect your data, check here: Rapyd Privacy Policy.

Technical and organizational security measures are designed and implemented to maximize the protection of your personal data. However, keep in mind that accessing the Internet carries a risk, so please access our services only in a secure environment.

The user should use the account responsibly, keeping it from unauthorized access by third parties. Sunceco will not be held liable for any damage that may arise to the user due to unauthorized use or misuse of the user account. In case of suspected misuse of login information, the user is obliged to notify us to temporarily block the user account.

6. News and promotion

In order to provide the news regarding the products and services, we will periodically contact our users  on the email, stored in the registration process. In case you do not want to receive such notifications, send us a return email with the word “unsubscribe”. To reconnect, send „subscribe“.

7. Updating terms and policies

We may revise our Terms of use from time to time in the following circumstances: changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements, changes in the way in which we accept payment for the services, changes in our business model, circumstances which affect the way in which we are able to provide the services or any other circumstance which, in our reasonable opinion, requires a change to these Terms.

We may inform you of the changes by posting public notices or sending notifications directly.


Update: April 29, 2022