EV Charger


  • Large capacity AC/DC combo charger
  • Application: For commercial use, 4 outputs
  • Outdoor installation
  • Reliable: IP54 protection level
  • Intelligent: WiFi/APP/Ethernet monitoring
Input & Output
Voltage AC 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz ±1Hz
Max current MAX 200 A per connector, 32 A per socket
Working environment
IP protection degree IP54
Working environment temperature  -20°C~+65°C
Relative humidity 0~95%
Altitude ≤ 2000 m
Standby power < 30 W
Over-voltage protection Yes
Under-voltage protection Yes
Over-current protection Yes
Short-circuit protection Yes
Leakage protection Yes
Over-temperature protection Yes
Lighting protection Yes
General features
Communication Ethernet / WiFi / 4G / 485
Payment RFID / APP
Display LCD
Dimension (W*H*D) 1260 × 2045 × 800 mm
Weight 900 kg
Casing material Stainless steel / Engineering plastics / Tempered glass
Mounting Ground
Standards & Certificates
Standard IEC-62196-2; EN61851
Certificate CE


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