88th International Motor Show is taking place in Geneva from 8-18 March 2018. Today motor shows don’t show just the newest car models but the change of our habits and the look of our future mobility. The biggest global brands, numerous designers and accessory suppliers make nearly 900 cars of today and the technology of tomorrow. The battery powered vehicles make bigger and more interesting part of the fair exhibition each time.

For Sunceco it is another opportunity for a closer look in world’s achievements in the field of electric cars and introduction of its newest battery technology to best-known EV manufacturers. Technical performance that strives for perfection combined with attractive design seems like a happy home for Sunceco batteries. The project called Frendy aims to make this perfection even better. Specially developed and patented battery pack manufacturing technology that will be used in electric vehicles announces new generation of energy storage for battery powered electric vehicles and other forms of transportation and mobility.

Based on the presentation in Geneva, the next Porsche Mission E, Jaguar I-Pace or BMW i3 could be powered by Sunceco batteries.

For those who missed this great show live, here’s a brief overview of Geneva Motor Show.