Sunceco is developing a huge project in the Philippines: 150 MW ground PV plant with 56 large 2,76 MWh batteries that will charge 58,107 MWh /year. Almost 280.000 solar bifacial modules, compared to regular types, increase power generation by reflected light 10-30%.

According to officials of Embrace Nature Power Corporation, the entire project worth around $285 million is set to break ground in January 2023, employing 1500 workers for the construction phase and should be completed in 12 months.

The plant will be located in General Santos city as agrovoltaics solar plant, considered to be a pioneering renewable energy project in the country. Agrovoltaics consists of using the same area of land to obtain both solar energy and agricultural products. In this particular project it will be used for planting of rice, ginger and green tea. The use of solar energy in agricultural areas also encourages photovoltaic self-consumption, since farms’ energy needs can easily be met with the electricity generated. Agrovoltaics also has close links with smart farming, which improves productivity through use of smart technologies.

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