Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) published the Major Solar Projects List, a database of all ground-mounted solar projects, 1 MW and above, that are either operating, under construction or under development. The list is for informational purposes only, reflecting projects and completed milestones in the public domain. The information in the list was gathered from public announcements of solar projects in the form of company press releases, news releases, and, in some cases, conversations with individual developers. It is not a comprehensive list of all utility-scale projects under development. This list may be missing smaller projects that are not publicly announced. SEIA does not guarantee that every identified project will be built. Like any other industry, market conditions may impact project economics and timeline. Projects, publicly announced for cancellation, will be removed from the list. Basic info on locations of the major solar systems identified by SEIA research can be found on interactive map. SEIA members have exclusive access to the list, updated on monthly basis, containing additional information, such as the owner, electricity purchaser, land type and expected online date.

There are more than 7000 major solar projects currently in the database, representing roughly 82 GW of capacity. The list shows that there is more than 31 GW of major solar projects currently operating. There remains an enormous amount of capacity in the pipeline, with more than 50 GW of large-scale solar projects either under construction or under development.

Source: SEIA, October 2018