The European Battery Alliance (EBA) is a business platform established by the European Commission in 2017, bringing together members of the European Commission, interested EU member states, investment institutions, companies and scientific institutions, which together represent key players in the battery value chain. From 2021, Sunceco d.o.o., Croatia, as a member of this association, contributes to the common goal of building a European battery industry.

Batteries have a central role to play in Europe’s transition to carbon-neutral economy and are at the heart of an ambitious industrial strategy. Several initiatives aim at supporting the growth of a sustainable and competitive battery industry in Europe:

  • Secure access to sustainably produced battery raw materials at reasonable cost
  • Make Europe the global leader in sustainable battery technology (support the growth of a cell manufacturing industry, create and sustain a cross-value chain ecosystem for batteries)
  • Support European battery manufacturing in order not to miss the expected massive growth in market demand(250B€ per year in 2025)
  • Create and support new markets for batteries, e.g. through the “Clean Energy” & the “Mobility” packages. This also includes new initiative  to support sustainable solutions for power, transportation and industry sectors in line with EU climate goals
  • Grow Europe’s research and innovation capacity. Develop and strengthen skilled workforce in all parts of the value chain and make Europe attractive for world-class experts
  • Involve the EU citizens in the journey: inform, educate & motivate
  • Ensure maximum safety for European citizens and create competitive advantage through standardization

With its engagement in research and innovation, promotion, and finally, the production of advanced battery systems, Sunceco contributes to the development of the European battery industry, as well as to the application of sustainable policies in the area of transport and energy.