In 2019 more than 200,000 of all-electric cars were sold in European Union. Among them, battery electric vehicles have the highest growth. This is most noticeable in Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, which saw a quadrupling of BEV sales, and Sweden and Finland – which saw a tripling – followed by Poland, Belgium and Greece. In total, the highest number of electric vehicles has Norway, where half of all cars sold are electrical. In terms of EV infrastructure, the biggest number of public charging stations is in the Netherlands. This country implements clear strategic decisions to balance the needs for electricity, including vehicle-to-grid concept and co-financing of smart charging stations with required functionalities.

In the same period, the United States had over 20,000 electric car charging, as reported by US Department of Energy. The highest number of charging stations can be found in California with approximately one third of DC fast charging units.

Sunceco started the installations of fast AC/DC chargers for electric vehicles with four outputs. When offered together with solar carports for production of clean energy, they provide a complete, cost-effective solution. The growth of this market segment is expected to be continued, both in residential and commercial use.